Biasi Combi Boiler Overheating

My two years old Biasi combi boiler is turning itself off repeatedly after every fifteen minutes. The boiler was working fine I do not what happened to it. Kindly help me to solve this problem.

Thanks a lot


Hi Euan,

Overheated boiler is always regarded as an emergency. I would like to say that never try any kind of repair on overheated boiler in order to prevent further issues. If the boiler is overheating repeatedly, turn off the electrical supply after consulting the boiler engineer. When the boiler starts to overheat, some internal parts of your boiler gone through under extreme stress & as a result suffer from permanent damage. In few cases, a boiler will set on fire & even burst out. Thus, never this problem as a minor thing & do take necessary measures immediately.

Biasi 24s Combi Boiler Central Heating Issue

Hi Everyone,

About 4 or 5 days ago, My Biasi 24s combi Boiler’s has developed a strange problem. I am getting the required hot water but unfortunately, there is no central heating. The boiler is just four years old. What could be a reason behind this? Need your guidance.

Thanks in Advance


Hi Rob, if you are facing issues with central heating then firstly, you have to check the radiators. Secondly, make sure that central heating on the boiler is switched on. Thermostat & timers have to be set correctly. If central heating is still not working after checking the above-mentioned things, then definitely diverter valve is broken. Do call a boiler engineer to replace the diverter valve.

Biasi Riva Compact HE Boiler not responding/working


My Biasi Riva Compact HE boiler is not working at all. I do not know that what is wrong with the boiler as it was working well until last night. Has someone faced the same problem? If yes then, please guide me that how can I fix this issue at home?



Hi Phil, the most important thing you should check immediately after electrical supply is plug socket. You can check it by simply trying a different plug. Afterward, you can use a multimeter in order to check powers throughout your boiler’s circuit. If the problem is still there, then the culprit is boiler’s PCB. You did not mention that how old the boiler is if your boiler is more than 7 years old then, I would advise to replace it.

Biasi Combi Boiler Leakage of Water from the Bottom

Hi Folks,

I want to share a problem, which my Biasi combi boiler is facing nowadays. The boiler is constantly dripping water from its bottom left side. Yesterday night, boiler dripped the small quantity of water but still working. After 10 to 15 hours, I have noticed a slow leak again & as a result, boiler stopped working. I have restarted the boiler but it fails to start. Someone help me, please.

Thank you so much for your kind help


Hi Jane, boiler usually drips water from the bottom due to the failure of some internal parts such as connected joint & rusty pipes, corrosion of the heat exchanger, incorrect boiler connections, auto air opening & leakage of the heating pump. Few fixes are quite easy but it is better to seek help & advice from an expert boiler engineer, as he will not just solve the problem but also assess the necessary & costly internal parts easily.

Biasi M96 28 Combi Boiler Keeps Cutting Down


My Biasi M96 28 Combi boiler is cutting down intermittently. Boiler runs successfully for few hours before this problem arise. I have switched off the boiler & restarted it but I do not think so that it is a permanent solution. The boiler is three years old & is under warranty. Should I buy a new boiler? Someone, please help.

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated


Hi Jessica, there are various potential reasons behind this issue such as the faulty thermostat, blocked or frozen condensate pipe and trapped air in the radiators. However, the most common and troubling reason is a boiler’s faulty pump. The only purpose of the pump is to provide the balanced supply of the hot water in the home. When it fails to do so, the hot water will remain in the boiler. Thus, due to all this, your boiler will cut down intermittently. I would advise calling a professional boiler engineer for thorough inspection.

Biasi Combi Boiler Strange Noises from the Central Heating Pump

Hi Guys,

The central heating pump of Biasi combi boiler is making strange noises. I would like to mention that these noises are intermittent. The boiler is just two years old. Just wanted to know why the central heating pump is noisy just periodically. What could be a reason behind it? I bleed it but all in vain.

Many Thanks


Hello Tom, there are various reasons behind these strange noises, which are coming from your boiler’s central heating pump. Some of the common causes along with their fixes are as follows:

  • Air locked: Air can easily get into the boiler & when it happens, it has to bleed on urgent basis because it will become the basic reason behind the noisy/loud heating pipes, radiators & knocking pumps.
  • Blocked with Debris: When the central heating is choked due to residues, it is important to clean it while examining it for wear.
  • Improper Installation: If the central heating up is not installed properly after bleeding then, the pump will get air locked. As a result, the central heating pump will become noisy.
  • Speed Settings are not correct: Top quality pumps always have some permanent flow settings. Boiler’s central heating pump can become noisy if speed setting is incorrect. Thus, you have to locate a switch of flow setting. In case, it is on the highest setting do turn down the setting immediately.

Biasi M90 Combi Boiler 03 Error Code

Hello Folks,

My four years old Biasi M90 combi boiler is showing a 03-error code. After reading the Boiler’s user guide, I came to know that 03-error code means “General Lockout”. What does it mean? How to fix it immediately as the boiler is not working.

Thanks for the Guidance


Hi Smith, you are right 03 Error code deals with boiler’s general lockout. A lockout is a shutdown process that is triggered when a boiler fails to work under certain tolerances. Some Common faults, which lead to boiler’s lockouts, are as follows:

  • Faulty pump
  • No power
  • Boiler overheating
  • System blockage
  • Blockage in the heat exchanger
  • High/low pressure of water
  • Ignition failure

Do check these faults in your boiler. Biasi Combi boiler has a reset button, you have to press & hold this button in order to reset your boiler after the lockout. I hope, this information will work for you.

Biasi 24s Combi Boiler Losing Pressure

Hello All,

I have a Biasi 24s Combi boiler since, purchasing the new home around one year ago. From last few days, I am noticing that the pressure meter certainly not stayed where it was actually set. Apart from this, the boiler is losing the pressure on daily basis. I cannot see any visible leaks in the boiler. It is quite tough to re-pressurize the boiler. What should I do? Should I replace my boiler?



Hi Adam, if your Biasi Combi boiler is losing pressure then, it can be a sign of an issue with boiler’s central heating system. Firstly, do check the boiler’s pressure on the pressure meter & make sure that it should be over 1. Secondly, check the different valves on the radiators in order to ensure that radiators are not dripping or leaking. In case they are, do tighten up as needed. On the other hand, if you have bleed the radiators recently then, it could be a reason for low boiler pressure. You can fix it easily by simply topping up the levels of water in a filling loop. In case, it does not works do contact a qualified boiler engineer because it could mean that boiler’s pressure relief controller needs replacing.

Biasi Combi Boiler Flashing Green Light

Hi Folks,

I bought my Biasi Combi Boiler three years ago. From last 2-3 days, I was out on vacation. When I went back & checked my boiler, I noticed that it is not working and flashing green light. Someone, please tell the reason behind it. How can I fix it at home?

Thanks a lot


Hi Lisa

When the green light flashes on the Biasi boiler, the problem could be due to the faulty fan & bad signals of the air pressure switch. I would advise checking either boiler’s fan is working or not as sometimes fan can seize & it is sufficient for the boiler’s air pressure switch to suspect that boiler is unsafe & eventually it will lock out the boiler. However, if the fan is working properly then, there is a signal issue.

Biasi Combi Boiler Error 04

Hello Everyone,

I have installed a Biasi Combi boiler, which I got almost five years ago. I have not confronted any major issue up until now. However, from last night it is showing an error code 04. I have restarted the boiler several times but it is displaying the error code repeatedly. I do not know the exact reason behind this error code. Somebody guide me, please.



Hi John, when the boilers begin to develop some hidden problems, they will show different error codes. Sometimes, boilers will lockouts thus have to be fixed immediately and then reset. However, in your case, error code 04 of Biasi boiler deals with water issues such as:

  • Limited & no proper circulation of the water
  • Lack of required water

Luckily, you can solve this matter at home. Firstly, check the pressure of the boiler. Please note that the recommended pressure has to be around 1.5 on the pressure bar. In case, it is not then, there is a chance that your boiler has lost the pressure & even you have not topped up the pressure properly. It has to be filled through a filling loop. Moreover, if the boiler pressure is fine then, it is possibly the circulation fault. Faulty pump always causes the circulation issues on Biasi combi boilers. If you suspect a circulation issue, do contact a boiler engineer to seek an expert advice.