Biasi Boiler Guide


You have found a website that combines all up to date information about Biasi Boilers. You will find here all necessary data about your existing boiler, including replacement parts procedures as well as models compare if you are about to purchase new or replace your old boiler

Biasi boilers, are present on a market for over 75 years, boilers are manufactured in Italy. Biasi’s production facility is ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certified. Biasi brand is specialised in complex production which includes not only boilers but also radiators, LST radiators, unvented cylinders and tower rails. Company produces eight types of boilers: Invoia Combi ERP, Advance Plus Combi ERP, Riva Plus Combi ERP, Inovia System ERP, Advance Plus System ERP, Riva Plus System ERP. On the top of it manufacturer provides with Boiler Flue Accessories and Boiler Mag Magnetic Filter

Biasi boilers are produced for wide range of houses- starting from small flat to luxury home. All newly designed and adjusted to UK customer needs. Company has their own training facility in order to assure all customer service, commissioning and servicing engineers and even merchants knowledge is up to date.

Biasi boilers  relatively simple and fast in installation. Their efficiency level is A and there are a lot of outputs you can choose from: 16kW, 24kW, 25kW, 28kW, 30kW and 35kW. Thanks to this you can find just the right boiler for your home, no matter if it is a small appartment or a luxury house, Biasi boiler will cover your hot water and heating needs. The Biasi Combi Boilers (Invoia, Advance and Riva) can result in saving up to 35%  gas, they have build in frost protection and self diagnostics. Additionally All Biasi boilers received  Best- Class 5 in NOx emissions, which makes it extremely environment friendly boilers . Replacement parts are available for the life cycle of a boiler you chose to purchase. We have tried to express the advantages and disadvantages of each type in the below sections.

Selecting Biasi Boiler

When purchasing new or replacing old boiler you can choose a model based on our comparison you will find here. Number of practical and technical information that was collected in a handy table will help you to choose the right. When unsure about what to choose you are free to contact a seller specialist that will help you to choose a right model based not only technical data but also your particular needs. Your/your house needs depend from from things like: system setup, place for boiler, number of radiators in the house, insulation grading, dwelling type, piping etc. In most cases when you have a system fault you will need to troubleshoot , fault find and almost always replace parts

Typical problems

Biasi Combi  and Biasi System Boilers may experience some of common problems which include but not limit to following examples:

-Biasi Riva Compact HE boiler sometimes has an issue with circuit board problem and needs simple resetting

-Combi Riva boiler  fan would cycle on and off repeatedly, every few seconds, but not go to ignition. In this cases profile circuit board need to be exchanged.

Other common problems applicable for all models include: banging, whistling or giving other noises, combustion seals leaking, hose failures, pilot light going out, losing pressure, thermostat and kettling issues. Almost all boilers get trapped air or low water pressure within the system. It can be solved  by releasing the air from the radiator and simple adding water into the system via mains valve.

Warning!!! It is a prohibited by law to work on a gas appliance unless you have proper qualifications (Gas Safe Registered). If there is an issue with your boiler and you need help pls call a Pro Fit Loyality Club responsible for installation and servicing Biasi equipment.


You are welcomed to use this troubleshooting  guide if whenever you find an issue with your boiler panel.  Nowadays are particular parts are not being repaired as those can be purchase on a  low cost. Whenever you have an issue with boiler that is still under warranty simply eturn it to the dealer or purchase purcahse stor. With your Biasi Combi Boiler or Biasi System Boiler you get an Owner’s Manual. Whenever you search for more information feel free to read our forum /FAQ

In summary, for a good quality , “A” efficiency rating, gas savings of up to 35% , a Biasi Combi Boiler is an excellent decision!