Boiler Types and Efficiency

You can check your existing or new Biasi boiler efficiency here. All ratings for for UK are standardized and are based on SEDBUK lists.  It is advised to check your existing boilers SEDBUK rating as it may come out that your old boiler efficiency doesn’t reach even the level of 50-70%.  Biasi new generation boilers have efficiencies reach or extend the level of 90%. It practice it means that the price of a new boiler will return in a year or two in comparison to the current water and/or heating bills. Not mentioning the fact that your old boiler will start to break and you will need to spend money on repairs while you get up to 5 years guaranty on new purchase. After one- two years your electricity and gas bills will be lover by appox. 25% in comparison to the current values.

Biasi boilers  have a modern design and are easily installed by a specialist. Standard installation doesn’t take more than few hours. Efficiency rating on most of the models reaches ‘A’ levels and only two models: Riva Plus Combi ERP and Riva System ERP have efficiency rating of “B”. It is worth mentioning that “B” ratings reaches efficiency of 89%, old models are not capable of reaching those values.

If you wonder what model to choose, our recommendation based on a size of your home/apartment would be:

  • smallest apartment- here choose Advance Plus System ERP  boiler with an output 16 kW, 25 kW,
  • standard size houses- outputs 24 kW, 25 kW ,28 kW and 30 kW  models Riva Plus System ERP, Riva Plus Combi ERP, Inovia System ERP, Inovia Combi ERP, Advance Plus Combi ERP
  • big houses- output 35 kW models Advance Plus Combi ERP and Inovia Combi ERP

Biasi Heat Solution offers one of the nicest designs present currently on market. All models boilers are LPG convertible which gives further savings on gas bills. On the top of it all models have built in frost protection and self diagnostics option giving you peace of mind as same during the summer as winter. Riva Plus Combi ERP model has built in 24 hour digital clock and Inovia Combi ERP and Inovia System ERP have build in 7 day programmer built in.

How much gas savings will  Biasi Combi boiler give? Up to 30%, and on the top it Biasi Combi ERP boilers- all models- have ultra-low NOx emissions – best in class 5.  5 year standard warranty is given for Biasi Combi and System Inovia and Advance Plus models, 2 years standard warranty is offered for Biasi Rivia both Combi ERP and System boilers.

The latest’s Biasi boilers are more efficient because they are condensing output and contain a larger heat exchanger which is capable of recovering more heat in the flue. Thanks to larger heat exchanger waste heat is being recovered.

Advantages of replacing your old boiler:

1. New boiler thanks to larger heat recovery is highly efficient, able to recover waste. That results in saving money on your bills for gas.

2. Good for all size houses from smallest apartment to huge house

3. Good quality, small space.

4. They can work with NG or LPG

5.  Built in frost protection & self diagnostics

6. Low cost of replacement and spare parts, experienced service and installation providers.

After checking efficiency rate of your existing boilers you would most likely want to install new generation Biasi boiler. Modern in design, light, highly efficient with up to 5 years guarantee will give you a peace of mind as you won’t have to conduct expensive repairs or replace it in the next years. Don’t let yourself be badly surprised during the winder and ask for quotation now.

Biasi Combi and System Boilers offer up to 5 years standard guarantee- (model dependent). Installation is being performed by very good Pro Fit Loyalty Club boiler specialist and takes only few hours.When asking for quotation say you can have it done during the off peak times like summer or spring and you will receive a discount.