Biasi Combi Boiler Strange Noises from the Central Heating Pump

Hi Guys,

The central heating pump of Biasi combi boiler is making strange noises. I would like to mention that these noises are intermittent. The boiler is just two years old. Just wanted to know why the central heating pump is noisy just periodically. What could be a reason behind it? I bleed it but all in vain.

Many Thanks


Hello Tom, there are various reasons behind these strange noises, which are coming from your boiler’s central heating pump. Some of the common causes along with their fixes are as follows:

  • Air locked: Air can easily get into the boiler & when it happens, it has to bleed on urgent basis because it will become the basic reason behind the noisy/loud heating pipes, radiators & knocking pumps.
  • Blocked with Debris: When the central heating is choked due to residues, it is important to clean it while examining it for wear.
  • Improper Installation: If the central heating up is not installed properly after bleeding then, the pump will get air locked. As a result, the central heating pump will become noisy.
  • Speed Settings are not correct: Top quality pumps always have some permanent flow settings. Boiler’s central heating pump can become noisy if speed setting is incorrect. Thus, you have to locate a switch of flow setting. In case, it is on the highest setting do turn down the setting immediately.