Biasi M96 28 Combi Boiler Keeps Cutting Down


My Biasi M96 28 Combi boiler is cutting down intermittently. Boiler runs successfully for few hours before this problem arise. I have switched off the boiler & restarted it but I do not think so that it is a permanent solution. The boiler is three years old & is under warranty. Should I buy a new boiler? Someone, please help.

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated


Hi Jessica, there are various potential reasons behind this issue such as the faulty thermostat, blocked or frozen condensate pipe and trapped air in the radiators. However, the most common and troubling reason is a boiler’s faulty pump. The only purpose of the pump is to provide the balanced supply of the hot water in the home. When it fails to do so, the hot water will remain in the boiler. Thus, due to all this, your boiler will cut down intermittently. I would advise calling a professional boiler engineer for thorough inspection.