Biasi Combi Boiler Leakage of Water from the Bottom

Hi Folks,

I want to share a problem, which my Biasi combi boiler is facing nowadays. The boiler is constantly dripping water from its bottom left side. Yesterday night, boiler dripped the small quantity of water but still working. After 10 to 15 hours, I have noticed a slow leak again & as a result, boiler stopped working. I have restarted the boiler but it fails to start. Someone help me, please.

Thank you so much for your kind help


Hi Jane, boiler usually drips water from the bottom due to the failure of some internal parts such as connected joint & rusty pipes, corrosion of the heat exchanger, incorrect boiler connections, auto air opening & leakage of the heating pump. Few fixes are quite easy but it is better to seek help & advice from an expert boiler engineer, as he will not just solve the problem but also assess the necessary & costly internal parts easily.