Biasi Combi Boiler Error 04

Hello Everyone,

I have installed a Biasi Combi boiler, which I got almost five years ago. I have not confronted any major issue up until now. However, from last night it is showing an error code 04. I have restarted the boiler several times but it is displaying the error code repeatedly. I do not know the exact reason behind this error code. Somebody guide me, please.



Hi John, when the boilers begin to develop some hidden problems, they will show different error codes. Sometimes, boilers will lockouts thus have to be fixed immediately and then reset. However, in your case, error code 04 of Biasi boiler deals with water issues such as:

  • Limited & no proper circulation of the water
  • Lack of required water

Luckily, you can solve this matter at home. Firstly, check the pressure of the boiler. Please note that the recommended pressure has to be around 1.5 on the pressure bar. In case, it is not then, there is a chance that your boiler has lost the pressure & even you have not topped up the pressure properly. It has to be filled through a filling loop. Moreover, if the boiler pressure is fine then, it is possibly the circulation fault. Faulty pump always causes the circulation issues on Biasi combi boilers. If you suspect a circulation issue, do contact a boiler engineer to seek an expert advice.