Biasi Riva Compact HE boiler noisy pipes

Hi Guys,

My four years old Biasi Riva Compact boiler is making the strange banging sounds. I have checked the boiler in detail and concluded that these sounds are coming from the pipes. After numerous fruitless attempts at fixing this issue, I am using this platform to seek expert advice.

Thank you so much


Hi Rob, if one of the following condition is met then, you can face this issue especially when your Biasi boiler overheats a lot like:

  • Out of order thermostat
  • An accumulation of limescale or sludge
  • Blocked chimney
  • Water is not present in the right amount

In order to keep your boiler in better condition, it is advisable to get it serviced regularly. Another safe and recommended way is to contact a trained boiler engineer for further help