Biasi M96 28 Combi boiler water is not getting much hot


I own a four years old Biasi M96 28 combi boiler. It worked perfectly but from the last few days, I am not getting the required hot water. Sometimes, the water only gets hot when I turn on the heating. What could be the possible reason behind it?

Please help me by giving your suggestions

Thanks in advance


Hi Craig,

This fault in your boiler is most likely relates to the faulty diverter valve. A diverter valve is considered as an important part of the boiler. Well, coming towards your problem, sometimes there is no need to replace the entire diverter valve because the problem generally lies with a washer on a diaphragm. Nevertheless, the entire cost of the labor especially to disassemble & reassemble your boiler simply means that it is better to replace a whole diverter valve.