Biasi M90 Combi boiler no hot water but boiler is working

Hello Everybody,

I have installed and purchased the Biasi M90 Combi boiler five years ago. Throughout that period, I have faced some minor issues & fixed them successfully. However, from the last few days, the boiler is giving the tough time. The Biasi boiler is working properly but I am not having the hot water. What could be a possible reason behind it? Someone, please help



Hi William,

Figuring out that what is wrong especially when your boiler is working properly but you are unable to get the hot water is quite challenging. However, with a little patience and time, you can fix this issue. You have to check the following parts of the boiler:

  • The mechanical timer
  • A pilot light
  • An expansion tank and feed
  • Check for the frozen condensate pipes

If your problem persists, do call an experienced boiler engineer.