Biasi Combi Boiler produces deafening vibrating noise

Hello Everybody,

My newly bought and installed a Biasi combi boiler is producing a deafening vibrating noise & it is quite irritating. I am facing this issue from last two days. However, I would like to share that these sounds are periodic generally, happening just about a second after a Biasi boiler has tried to fire up successfully. Usually, it lasts for one minute. Someone please help me on urgent basis.



Hi Jess, 

According to the shared information, it looks as if there is a circulation issue nevertheless, bearing in mind the boiler’s age, I think there is some other problem such as an obstruction in the heat exchanger & combustion-related issue. If you think that there is a combustion related issue then, do call a boiler engineer and get it checked thoroughly. Well, I also have doubts that heat exchanger is blocked & due to this, there is some restriction. For this, power flushing is a highly recommended way out. Furthermore, I would advise power flushing the Biasi boiler on regular basis for preventing the sludge buildup & improving its performance.