Biasi 24s Combi boiler incorrect water temperature

Hi Folks,

My two years old Biasi 24s boiler was working perfectly until last night, as now the water temperature of the boiler is not correct. Due to this, I am not getting the hot water in order to take shower or complete the household chores. How I can fix this issue? Any suggestions

Thanks in Advance


Hi James, firstly do check the boiler’s water portion and rate of gas as I guess that boiler is having an incorrect rate of gas & the water portion is wide of the mark as well. In order to fix the problem, check the supply of gas, which is going towards the boiler’s gas isolation regulator. For this, simply open the regulator while checking the inlet pressure & burner. If you noticed that water, segment of the water is wrong then, I would advise cleaning it instantly. Well, replacement is also recommended if it is severely damaged.